Dennis Neal's All Surface Resurfacing
This set of stairs had peeling paint on that we removed all of the paint off the floor and stairs and resurfaced the stairs and floors.


Concrete resurfacing is a great option for a slab with deep-soaked stains that cannot be eradicated by grinding. It’s also a good option for smoothing or leveling an uneven slab or slabs with excessive wear or damage. Our resurfacing products cure just like concrete to a light off-white color that is ideal for staining, dyeing, or integral color. They can even be ground and polished. Our cement based, self-leveling overlays can be used on both interior and exterior slabs. The overlays produce a smooth, durable surface with high bond strength. After application, your slab will be ready for foot traffic in 2 – 3 hours and ready for coatings, dyes and stains in about 12 hours.

Concrete resurfacing usually requires a light grind to prep the floor for a good cohesion with the overlay. So if imperfections can be removed by grinding, surface preparation is usually a more inexpensive option.Surface prep is a good option if you’re considering applying a dye or stain to your concrete floor. By lightly grinding the surface of the concrete, you will have a clean, porous slab which will produce a more vibrant, consistent, and longer-lasting color. A clean, porous slab will also allow the sealer to form a better bond with the concrete and will last longer.