A polished concrete floor

Grind | Dye & Seal

Grind/Dye & Seal is an affordable and easier way to transform any concrete floor. Grind and seal the natural gray for a modern, sleek look, or add color to brighten up your commercial space. The use of different sealers can achieve anything from a matte, natural looking finish to a rich, high-gloss finish. A “wet look” sealer can be used to elevate the natural color of the concrete giving it a rich, robust, wet appearance. The design options are endless with the dye and seal process. Our dyes and sealers are very eco-friendly.

Whether or not the floor will first need to be ground will vary. Grinding is usually not requiredon new slabs. Older slabs or slabs with existing flooring will typically need some type of grind to either clean them, or remove old material or adhesives. Stained concrete slabs needing refurbishing may need to be ground depending on the type of sealer originally used and the amount of sealer currently still on the floor. A light grind on any slab is never a bad idea, however, because it cleans the floor and removes the top coating to reveal a very porous surface allowing the dye to penetrate deeper.