With polished concrete, this school will only have to dust mop and auto scrub to keep this floor looking like new.


Dennis Neal's All Surface Resurfacing - specializes in concrete polishing services. Concrete polishing is a somewhat new and innovate flooring option that is also eco-friendly. It uses a raw concrete slab, usually the building's foundation, and turns it into a decorative floor. The final result looks similar to a smoothed stone, such as slate or granite. All materials and products added to the concrete during the polishing and smoothing processes are intended to elevate the natural concrete, not to cover or hide it. The end result has all the benefits of the original concrete slab, only it's stronger and more resilient against staining.

The concrete polishing process is a lot like sanding wood, but on a larger scale. The grinding stages remove any sediment or coatings from the floor, and remove the surface to expose the stronger concrete underneath. The next stages of finer grits, refine the rough floor to a flat, level surface to achieve a consistent polish. Then, higher grit resin polishing materials are used to bring the floor to a high or low gloss finish. The concrete is then fortified with a densifier. Sealers are applied to the floor at various points in the process, to act as a shield against staining!

Polished concrete floors have a 25+ year life expectancy on average, with proper care and maintenance!